Prof. Emeritus Helmut Burkhardt.


Professor Emeritus Helmut Burkhardt. Dipl. Phys., Dr. Rer. Nat

Born: March 1933 – Died: December 2017.

Founder: Council on Global Issues

Dipl. Phys., Dr. rer. nat. Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University We are sad to announce the sudden and peaceful passing of Dr. Helmut Burkhardt on December 18, 2017. He leaves his wife, Renate; children, Susanne, Henrike and Johann; sister, Heidi; and grandchildren, Mathias, Felix, Ludwig and Josef. Born 1933, in Bessarabia to Otto and Ida (nee Wanke) BURKHARDT, Helmut was a refugee in the second World War, eventually settling in Stuttgart, where he completed his PhD. In 1967, he moved to Toronto with his wife. After doing research in thermonuclear fusion and magneto hydrodynamic energy conversion, he became a pioneer in renewable energy decades ahead of his time. As Director of the Ryerson Energy Centre, he organized many conferences with the International Society for Systems Sciences and Science for Peace. After retiring, Helmut pursued his true passion: world peace through good global governance. A child of war, he was an active member of many groups including Science for Peace, the Canadian Pugwash Group and the Toronto chapter of the World Federalists Organization, where he will be remembered as passionate, thoughtful and tireless in his pursuit of peace. Helmut maintained an inspirational sense of adventure and curiosity about the world well into his 80s. He was a steadfast and loyal husband, father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather and friend who cared deeply and was always there for his family, whom he kept close.